Our color palette is black, red and white.
Black is physical strength, iron, a support on which we stand firmly.

Red — energy and passion, a heartbeat that makes you move, burn, strive forward.

White — spirit and intelligence, the desire to do everything right, respect for each other and for sports, support and mentoring.

We stick to this palette in graphics, photography, and marketing materials.
Screen color values:
RGB: 227:6:19
HEX: #e30613

For print:
CMYK: 4:100:100:0
Pantone: 1788 C
RGB: 0:0:0
CMYK: 0:0:0:100
HEX: #000000
RGB: 255:255:25
CMYK: 0:0:0:0
HEX: #ffffff
The palette refers to the corporate identity, but not to the SABOSPORTS footwear itself. The colors we use in products are not limited to black, red and white.