Corporate graphics
The graphic component of the brand creates a clearer and more holistic experience of the product. Its task is to bring different elements together.
Our graphics are a rhyme to the sign from the logo, the development of the idea of the initial letters of the name SaboSports, a simple embodiment of the idea of dynamics, a pair of shoes and reaching a new level of professionalism.

The plasticity of graphics refers us to the classic graphics of the Olympic Games in Moscow (80), Mexico City (68) and Montreal (76).
We may not always be able to use a logo, text or photographs. Sometimes you need the simplest possible tool to indicate: "this is SABOSPORTS". Branded graphics are needed just for such cases. For example, on shoes: soles, insoles, the very surface of the shoe material. Or in brochures, so as not to print a logo on every page. This principle can be used to design large media: bags, boxes, exhibition booths.
Graphic scalability
A feature of graphics is its ability to transform. Stretch and shrink.

Minimal size:
Graphics are easily scalable to different formats and can be used either as a separate small element or take up the entire layout format.
The center can be shifted.