The logo is our face, the quintessence of the image behind which our philosophy and history are. The logo consists of three elements, each of which reflects an important part of SABOSPORTS. The sign is tradition and history. Writing is power and technology. Interlinear — who we are.
We have been producing sports shoes since 2000. From the beginning, our logo was the letter S in a red circle. Over time, we specialized in strength sports footwear and became the international brand SABOSPORTS. At the same time, we have preserved the old sign as a tribute to the past.
The sign
A red circle with two white semicircles, the location of which resembles the letter S. This is the first letter of our brand and the whole SPORT industry, it is a dynamic as a symbol of sport, growth, reaching a new level.
The writing
The brand name is in handwritten script. It reflects our character and the very essence of the strength sport. People use steel (right angles in letters) to get stronger, to acquire volume (curves). The letters are wide and angular to show massiveness — after all, we make shoes that will allow you to stand firmly on your feet when you lift three times your own weight. All letters are the same size. It is a symbol of discipline and precision. The letter B contains the symbol of a kettlebell, a curved steel handle.
The descriptor
The essence of the brand, formed in three words. We use the descriptor logo when we want to introduce ourselves fully, officially. These are our "surname and patronymic".
PROFESSIONAL — we specialize in a narrow segment and know what we are doing.
FOOTWEAR — we produce footwear.
MANUFACTORY — we are not a marketing company, but a manufacturer. We create our own shoes, we manufacture them ourselves and we're a brand ourselves.
The logotype use rules
Security field of the logo
Protective field of the logo does not allow it to visually mix with other design elements.
The height and width of the field are equal to 1/3 of the height of the sign from a specific logo variant. It is prohibited to place graphic elements, images or text in this space.
If the logo needs to be printed on a dark background or on a background other than the corporate color palette, the following modifications should be used.
Logo on a heterogeneous background
To place the logo on a uniform colored background, it is recommended to adhere to the corporate palette. The background color should be sufficiently contrasting with the logo. At the same time, the corporate writing in the logo remains black or white.
If the condition can not be met we make a black plate with the size of protective field.
Minimal size
Minimum logo size for print and digital media. The width is indicated without taking into account the security field.
Main logotype

minimal width
26 mm | 73 px
Logotype with a descriptor

minimal width
38 mm | 106 px
Logotype with a descriptor in two lines
minimal width
29 mm | 83 px
Forbidden techniques
Some operations with the logo can significantly distort it, make it unrecognizable or unreadable.

It is forbidden to use:
Distortion of proportions
Visual effects
Changing the logo composition
Low contrast background
Change logo color
Materials to download
Main logotype
The main version of logo consists of sing and the writing SABOSPORTS.
White background version
Black background logotype
Full logotype
The full version of the logo consists of a sign, corporate writing and descriptor.
Additional versions
Logos for different shape and sizes.